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Syringe Free Painless Dentist Numbing That Makes you Happy

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Syringe Free Painless Dentist Numbing That Makes you Happy

Come try our syringe free dental numbing by our Painless Dentist. At the Cookstown Dental Centre your numbing experience is painless and syringe free. We use state of the art technology to numb our patients and we do not use any traditional painful dental syringesblank. We use the QuickSleeper technology. It provides painless and comfortable numbing. Dr. Khalid of Cookstown Dental the QuickSleeper to deliver painless and syringe free dental injections.

So, we numb only your teeth and not your tongue, face and cheek. Also with our QuickSleeper technology you do not feel the sharp shooting pain during your typical dentist visit. Patients at the Cookstown Dental Centre report their numbing experience to be painless and zen. Then you will not experience numbing anywhere such as your face, lips and tongue. Dr. Khalid and the QuickSleeper only numb your teeth. No more leaving the dental office with a drooping face for several hours.

Since we used the QuickSleeper technology for years, our patients come from far away because it makes dentistry much easier for them. All of our patients are happy they don’t experience the painful syringe used to deliver dental numbing. For your next dental visit, call Dr. Khalid at the Cookstown Dental Centre to experience the QuickSleeper. Try our painless syringe free dental numbing that will blow your mind and make your dental experience whole lot better at the Cookstown Dental Centre.

You can read our reviews here, some of which mention the painless dental numbing “pen” used by Dr. Khalid aka the QuickSleeper.

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