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Easy Smile Makeovers That Make You Confident

Smile Makeovers Cookstown Dentist

Easy Smile Makeovers That Make You Confident

Cookstown Dental Centre has the experience and technology to give you the most beautiful smile makeovers. Our patients love their new smiles because it makes them feel confident and happy. For over 12 years Dr. Khalid transformed many lives by giving patients the smile makeovers they want. We can deliver your smile makeover in as little as one appointment.

If your teeth are not straight Dr. Khalid can straighten for you, click here for more information on our clear aligner services. Furthermore, Dr. Khalid can whiten your teeth when you want a brighter smile. If your teeth are short, small or broken then Dr. Khalid can restore them for you to an aesthetic finish to give you a nice smile makeover.

A smile makeover costs between $2,000 and $10,000; Dr. Khalid provides a detailed estimate ahead of time prior to starting any work. The first step is a consultation appointment to speak with Dr. Khalid on what your dream smile makeovers look like. At Cookstown Dental Centre we also guide our patients towards a nice smile makeover when they are not sure.

You can expect your smile makeover treatments to be completely painless. We use the QuickSleeper syringe free numbing technology we have at Cookstown Dental Centre.

Smile Makeovers
Smile Makeovers by Dr. Khalid

Here are is our patient’s testimonial about our smile makeover that involved straightening her teeth first then getting porcelain veneers afterwards:

Also we explain to you all of your options in details:

Veneers and Bonding are the most conservative ways to get cosmetic enhancements to your smile.

Dental implants are the most ideal way to restore missing teeth if your smile makeover requires the replacement of a missing tooth.

Crowns are the most ideal way to enhance your natural teeth especially if you have lost tooth structure.

Bridges are multiple crowns connected together to cover several teeth needed to replace several missing teeth at once.


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