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Modern Dental Clinic

Welcome to our Relaxing Modern Dental Clinic

Our patients describe The Cookstown Dental Centre as a Relaxing Modern Dental Clinic. It is located in a modern heritage building. You can park in the spacious lot adjacent to the building or in front of the building. So you can easily access it from the main floor with main street entrance. We built The Cookstown Dental Centre to provide full patient comfort and convenience. Also our clinic is fully accessible to people of all needs.

Our team will warmly greet you upon your arrival. Then you will be ushered in on time every time. But if we are running behind we will let you know ahead of time. If you come early the patient lounge of our relaxing modern clinic will soothe your mind and put you at ease.

Our Technology

We use digital x-ray systems which minimizes radiation levels significantly. Our drills and equipment is electric so the sounds are muffled and silenced. Our Patients love the lack of a traditional dental drill noise. We track your oral health thoroughly and carefully with our high tech software systems.

The best part of your experience will be our fast and experienced dental team. So we deliver what you want swiftly and easily. Meanwhile you can watch your favorite TV shows or listen to your favorite music with of comfortable headsets.

Our clinic rooms are spacious and comfortable. Each room has large windows and skylights. Our central systems are equipped to ensure the safety and control of all health hazards within our facility. We have installed a specialized air purification system to ensure the environment is full of clean air. All bio aerosols are eliminated every hour of the day.

Click here to schedule a tour now to view your future Modern and Relaxing Clinic. You can also register to be a new patient from the comfort of your home. Click here to register as a new patient.

Here is a brief video about our dental clinic: