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Cookstown Dentist Advice For Disease Free Painless Teeth!

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Cookstown Dentist Advice For Disease Free Painless Teeth!


Cookstown Dentist Advice For Disease Free Painless Teeth!

Cookstown Dentist keys for great oral health

Annual Dental Check-ups

We do your yearly dental checkups with photographs and x-rays to find and treat disease early. Dr. Khalid will check for chronic issues like attrition, acid erosion and gum recession.

Frequent Dental Cleanings

Our dental hygienists clean your teeth at least once every six month to ensure the gums and bone around your teeth do not disappear. 

Do not wait until it hurts.

If you have sensitivity or discomfort in your mouth speak to Dr. Khalid immediately. 

Negligence is more expensive

The more we wait on a problem the more costly it will be to treat and repair the damages. 

No sugary and acidic foods for many hours.

Rinse and clean your mouth after eating acidic and sugary foods. 

Daily flossing and brushing

Brushing your teeth and gums is important because it removes all of your daily plaque.

Bad oral health 

Bad oral health has been linked to increased risk of heart problems and chronic diseases.

Dry mouth is bad for your health.

If your mouth is dry at night or daytime call us because dry mouth causes extensive decay.

Keep the Cancer away!

Avoid smoking, vaping, alcohol and recreational drugs because they damage your gums and increase the risk of cancer. Dr Khalid will check your mouth for Oral Cancer.  

Budgeting for your dental care.

Generally you need between $250 to $650 per person per year for regular dental care such as check ups, cleanings and simple fillings. 

Call us or e-mail us or message us to book your check and cleaning!

We offer flexible hours for everyone, insurance billing, our clinic is new and our staff are so pleasant they will brighten your day. All of our patients brag about our gentle and sensitivity free dental cleanings.

Authored by the Cookstown Dentist


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