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How Can Visiting a Dentist Improve Your Mental Health?

How Can Visiting a Dentist Improve Your Mental Health?

Our ability to smile, speak, and eat are simple functions which many of us don’t fully value until they’re taken away. What happens when these things are damaged, and how much could it really impact you?

You may be wondering how an organ like the mouth could possibly influence your entire mental health. Take a moment to imagine how your life would look like if you could not smile or eat or speak, because of many years of negligence to your teeth. Lack of care for your mouth often leads to low self-esteem and confidence problems, which may spiral into depression, social anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

A recent study published by the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry emphasizes the link between oral health and mental health issues. In particular, it shows that mouth conditions such as tooth pain or ill-fitting dentures may increase social withdrawal, isolation, and low self-esteem, which could lead to depression and anxiety.

Having a regular comprehensive dental checkup will protect your ability to smile. Smiling is a huge source of happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of our life, and research has shown that people who smile and laugh more will live longer lives. If you find yourself ashamed to smile as a result of your oral condition, visit Cookstown Dental Centre where we are dedicated to providing you with the best treatment to restore your confident smile.

In addition to smiling, food is also a source of happiness for many people. Have you ever felt terrible pain in your mouth, that prevented you from enjoying your food? Feeling pain every time you eat causes a huge disruption to your everyday life and comfort. It will undoubtedly affect your state of mind and your ability to focus on work or family. This kind of situation can easily be detected during a dental checkup, where your dentist will be able to swiftly treat and repair the condition to restore your normal mouth function, and your daily life.

Finally, being able to communicate with others is a crucial asset to our friendships and relationships, and maintaining prime oral health is the key to strong, confident speech. Misaligned teeth may be the cause for speech impediments or lisps, which
could hold you back from socializing or interacting with people.

Many of our everyday pains can be avoided altogether by visiting the dentist for annual check ups! Why wait until its too late? Check ups at Cookstown Dental Centre are relaxing and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to smile! Book today at cookstowndental.com or call us at 705-291-2222.

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