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Can Dental Checkups Prevent Heart Attacks, Diabetes and Cancer?

Can Dental Checkups Prevent Heart Attacks, Diabetes and Cancer?

Recent studies investigating the link between oral health and overall physical health have supported that maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial to ensure a fulfilling life and to prevent major diseases.

Research supported by the American Dental Association has shown a link between periodontal (gum) disease and increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, many studies have also shown associations between oral health and cognitive function. One study2 suggests a link between tooth loss and compromised learning and memory capacities. Research confirms that maintaining good oral health can lower risk factors for several diseases.

Dental checkups may help prevent heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. The first step to maintaining a healthy mouth is to go in for a Comprehensive Oral Health Exam, also known as a dental checkup. At Cookstown Dental Centre, your dental checkup will be a comfortable experience where we will examine every detail about your mouth and its current condition to come up with the best treatment plan for you.

We build your treatment plan on 3 priorities:
1- Disease elimination
2- Long-term maintenance of a healthy mouth
3- Cosmetic and elective treatments to enhance your mouth

Diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, abscesses and pathologies are all things that we can treat immediately at Cookstown Dental Centre so it does not get worse. The key at our centre is Preventative Dentistry – catching problems earlier to eliminate the hassle of painful toothaches and full-blown diseases.

If you already have a healthy mouth, your treatment plan will primarily comprise of maintenance and prevention care. Hygiene therapy is to scale and debride plaque and tartar that’s under your gums, hidden from your eyes. This is also known as dental cleanings, which will ensure that your prime oral health lasts a lifetime.

In conclusion, dental checkups are crucial for maintaining good physical health, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying life. Dental checkups prevent you from developing oral diseases, thus reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. According to the Canadian Dental Association, approximately 35% of Canadians do not visit the dentist for annual checkups and treatments, putting them at higher risk for many diseases. Be smart about your health and book your dental checkup today at cookstowndental.com or call us at 705-291-2222.

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