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Make Dental Anxiety Gone and Overcome it With Remarkable Anxiolysis

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Make Dental Anxiety Gone and Overcome it With Remarkable Anxiolysis

Dr. Khalid has treated thousands of patients who have Dental Anxiety and Fear. These patients transform into happy, confident and calm dental patients at the end of our treatment. Our approach, our team and our dentist are remarkable in helping patients cope with their Dental Fear.

We speak and understand your trigger prior to starting. If necessary in an office setting as some patients are uncomfortable in a dental chair. We will provide you comfort as you see it to avoid triggering your anxiety.

Some patients are afraid of syringes and needles. That is why we do not use syringes at all. We use the QuickSleeper technology which is completely pain free to administer.

Other patients do better in the mornings as the first patient, so we schedule you as early as you need to overcome your fear and complete your treatment successfully. This is why we have dedicated early, midday and late appointments to accommodate our patient’s preferences to make their dental visits easy.

Dental Anxiety is normal, manageable and in most cases treatable. Initially we will offer you sedation and anxiolysis options such as a relaxation pill or laughing gas. Laughing gas is nitrous oxide sedation and it is safe with minimal sedative effects. The relaxation pill is a form of benzodiazepine such as Ativan with moderate sedative effects. The goal of our sedation to help you cope with dental stress and Dental anxiety. While sedation may lessen the sensation of pain, we will give you our painless numbing to ensure you do not experience any pain through out the procedure and post operatively.

Dr. Khalid and his team will focus on you and your needs to ensure you Dental Anxiety is eliminated. We will help you come to the dentist regularly and make your dental trips to be calming and relaxing.

Call us or message us stating you have anxiety when you come to the dentist. Trust us and we will help you overcome it.

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